Bean Hollow, CA- Day Trip!


In Pescadero, CA there is a beautiful beach called Bean Hollow State Beach, Pebble Beach. Looking down on the beach it doesn’t look like much, but that is what makes it so special!


 It’s truly a beautiful polished stone beach but you can’t tell from far away! For that reason we have had the beach to ourselves each time we have gone!


As you approach the beach you will see a lovely sign that tells you not to take the pebbles, its because they are awesome!


We have stopped here in the past but looked down and didn’t see sand so we kept driving. We had no idea what we were missing!


The nice stairway takes you to beach. Head to the far end of the beach to find a spot on the pebbles!


Once you sit down you will notice how beautiful the pebbles are! You could sit for hours looking through each one!


My Mom and daughter enjoyed playing with the pebbles!  We enjoy this beach because there is no messy sand to get off our daughter!


We noticed the pebbles are anywhere from clear to black.


Walking the pebble beach barefoot can be a bit uncomfortable on the feet! But these two didn’t mind.


We even found a jelly fish or so we think.  It was fun until we noticed a handful of them on the beach! Then we had to be careful where we stepped in case they were the stinging kind. We have never noticed jelly fish here before but maybe its a spring time thing.


There is a bit of sand closer to the water line.


There are plenty of rocks that are fun to climb on



The coastline here is so different and fun to explore.


The cliffs are beautiful.


The pink flowers were blooming!


I am in love with this plant that covers the cliff walls here!


Before we left we walked over to the tide pools. We didn’t hike down because we weren’t sure our daughter could do it.


But we could see quite a bit from the parking lot.


It really is a beautiful place!


You will know you have made it once you have found the round about parking lot. There are restrooms here since this is a State Park beach. There is no fee station here but I believe if you want to visit State beaches you should pay at the first beach fee station you notice.


Don’t miss Bean Hollow!

Google Map: Here

 Pebble Beach is about 55 minutes from Palo Alto, CA . We always pack a lunch since there isn’t much down there. However you could make the 20 minute drive to Half Moon Bay for lunch or go into the little town of Pescadero where they have a Goat Cheese farm and a few restaurants.  Also there are plenty of big sandy beaches that surround this area if that is what your looking for. I hope you can get a chance to visit this beach! Have you been to Pebble Beach?

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